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Christian Services -> Christian-Net

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Christian-Net Service In Their Own Words: As you can tell by our reasonable prices, personal profit is not our first priority. What matters most to us is that we are helping other Christians stay safe on the Internet. We know how addictive and spiritually deadly Internet pornography can be, and we are dedicated to helping families stay free of this temptation. If you are in need of Internet filtering for your home and feel that you cannot afford our service, please tell us and we will do everything we can to accommodate your financial situation.

Christian-Net was founded in 1995 by Cheryl Cigoy and her son Joe to be a local source of information to Christians in northeastern Ohio. As the Internet and the World Wide Web began to grow in popularity, we realized more and more that a filtering method needed to be devised. In 1998 we opened a filtered ISP in our local area using filtering technology provided by N2H2. In June of 1999 we took our service to the national market using MegaPOP as our dial-up backbone. Since then we have expanded our network to six major Internet backbone providers, giving us coverage almost everywhere in the United States. We now also sell filtering-only service to families, businesses, and schools the world over, bringing a safer Internet to people everywhere. Thanks to God's grace and blessing, we continue to grow.
Christian-Net The Family Internet

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